Run to Infinity

by Yota Nakamura /// 中村洋太の挑戦と情報発信のブログ

【DAY6】My bike came back from repairing!!


I went to many places and met a lot of people today. After class I ate lunch at Breakfast Republic in North Park.

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Then I went to the office of San Diego LGBT Pride and got a massage for Tokyo Rainbow Pride which is the biggest parade for LGBT in Japan.

I read a Japanese magazine and knew that North Park is a popular area in recent years.

Actually it is a great place. The Colorful houses are beautiful.

I went to North Park Beer Co. which was introduced in the Japanese magazine because I like craft beers. The atmosphere of the brewery is very nice. I got to know the staff, Travis and Heather.

In the evening I got a call from a bicycle shop and went to pick up my bike which had been repaired in the shop. My bike came back.

Mana who is the friend of Rei came to our house from Tokyo for vacation. She cooked Japanese foods. Thanks Mana!!

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