Run to Infinity

by Yota Nakamura /// 中村洋太の挑戦と情報発信のブログ

【DAY10】Taco Tuesday!!


There is an interesting culture called “Taco Tuesday” in San Diego.

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In many Mexican restaurants in this town, you can eat tacos with special price on Tuesday. This is the meaning of “Taco Tuesday”.

I was still hungry when I finished eating lunch in Grinds & Vine Coffee Bar in North Park which I got to know in Japanese magazine.

The Avocado Prosciutto was very good but it was a little small size for me.

So, I went to La Vecindad Neighborhood TACOS in Hillcrest to eat more.

I asked a staff and knew that I could eat two tacos with $6 today whereas with $8 usually.

I ordered a fish taco and a shrimp taco.


It was so delicious. I had become full. I wanna eat Tacos every Tuesday.

Oh I have to finish reading a novel until tomorrow…

See you tomorrow. Have a nice day!!

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 - 2017 サンディエゴ語学留学&アメリカ西海岸縦断自転車旅「ツール・ド・西海岸」, アメリカ