Nakamura Yota


【DAY11】Stay Humble


Many people confuse my name for Yoda from Star Wars.

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In America you can not buy alcohol drink until 21years old, but you can buy guns from 18years old. It’s crazy!


By the way, during today’s grammar class an Italian student said that he support the candidate Lu Pen in the election of the president of France. At the time everyone began discussions about the election.

I was surprised because everyone was interested in it and had own opinions. I had no opinion about it and of course I couldn’t say anything.


Then the Italian stood up and began the lecture about how the currency integration into EURO was a problem. Amazing.

In our class there are Turk, Argentine, Italian, Brazilian, Chinese, and Japanese. It is like World Cup. Oh, I lost in a qualifying round.

I understood how I don’t know international situations, how I can’t express what I want to say. Learning English is important but rather these things seem to be more important for me.


I ate Ramen in Tajima-ya for lunch and then I went to Japanese supermarket.


I bought rice, avocados, cabbage, soy sauce, sesami oil, and so on.


I cooked rice and stir-fried cabbage and egg. Good taste.


My classmate from Brazil was wearing a unique clothes. Stay humble(ステイハンブル).


Yes, this is a massage for me maybe.




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 - 2017 サンディエゴ語学留学&アメリカ西海岸縦断自転車旅「ツール・ド・西海岸」, アメリカ