Run to Infinity

by Yota Nakamura /// 中村洋太の挑戦と情報発信のブログ

【DAY12】My first experience


The impression of finishing reading English books for the first time.

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For me it is the first time to read an English book.

So at first I couldn’t understand the story and became depressed.

But the teacher gave me two advices.

One is that I should to understand the story from reading conversation sentences.

Another advice is that even if there are words which I can’t understand, I should guess the meaning of the words from the context.

Then I concentrated to read only conversation sentences and I learned to understand the story roughly.

“The Reptile Room or, Murder!” is a dark story but it becomes interesting as the story progresses.

So I recommend it to you.

You can read this book if you are not good at English.



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 - 2017 サンディエゴ語学留学&アメリカ西海岸縦断自転車旅「ツール・ド・西海岸」, アメリカ