Run to Infinity

by Yota Nakamura /// 中村洋太の挑戦と情報発信のブログ

【DAY13】Make lemonade out of lemons.


I became aware that people get more interested in my blog when I write English way of saying.

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I wrote two articles about that.

One is how to order a house coffee in a mug. I didn’t know that mug-cup is not a correct English. It is a Japanese English.

Another article is how to use “aware of 〜”. I wanted to say that people are becoming aware of a Japanese artist.

Both articles are read by many people. Unfortunately, I found that people are not interested in my life in San Diego but how to say in English.

Hahaha. But it’s a nice discovery for me to increase number of my blog access.

I am not good at speaking English. But that’s why this is my strong point because I can tell you how to say in English from the viewpoint of a person who is not good at English.

Turn a crisis into a opportunity.

Make lemonade out of lemons. (It is an interesting expression)

I enjoy the process of learning English.


「Lestat’s Coffee House」






残念ながら、ぼくのサンディエゴ生活よりも、「英語で何というか」を紹介する方が、圧倒的に実用的で、みんな興味があるのだ笑 だけどそれも納得できる。人の役に立つ記事を書く方が本質的だし。


Turn a crisis into a opportunity. (ピンチはチャンス)

Make lemonade out of lemons.(「レモンからレモネードを作る」が直訳。転じて、「役立たないものから役立つものを作る」「自分にとって悪い状況も、自分が創意工夫すれば状況を好転させることができる」という意味の表現だそう)

「わからない」ことが「わかる」ようになるプロセスを楽しめたら、人生は何をしても楽しい, isn’t it?



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