Run to Infinity

by Yota Nakamura /// 「旅を仕事に」中村洋太の挑戦と情報発信のブログ

【DAY18】Go to Sedona!!


A trip for Sedona will begin from tomorrow. I’m going to go by camper with three friends.

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At first I will go to Santa Ana by greyhound with Akiji and Francesca. At Santa Ana, we’ll meet Nhan and go to the El Monte RV in L.A. by his car.


I got to know Nhan in Tokyo last year.


He traveled Japan and joined my cycling tour in Tokyo. I took them to Japanese traditional sweets shops. (A man wearing glasses is Nhan.)


Before start we’ll go to a supermarket to buy foods and something we need.


Driving a camper is the first experience for me. So I read the instruction manual carefully and make a travel plan. Then I share it to my team in English.


I returned to a tour conductor in America again. I need to drive a lot so maybe it will be difficult to update my blog during the journey. But I’ll definitely share this experience later.


We’ll enjoy our time.

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 - 2017 サンディエゴ語学留学&アメリカ西海岸縦断自転車旅「ツール・ド・西海岸」, アメリカ